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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Real First Avenger

I really don’t want to call myself the first avenger because most
think of Captain America who was created from the imagination of a writer artist named Stan Lee.
But what I’m about to tell you being real is more than any fantasy creation made from a mans mind
What I’m about to tell you is 100% true from God in this sharing of my story.

I was sent to take out people. In other words kill many people. Not 100 people. Not 1000 people. Not even 10,000 people.
I was sent to take out and kill One hundred and eighty five thousand people.
I did it all by myself in response to God’s command.
It was all in account of a prayer.
And this prayer is recorded for all time and for all to read in the Word of God.

This prayer was from a man Name Hezekiah who did not know what to do other than to pray in response from reading a letter in which the individual who wrote it said he was coming for Hezekiah and everyone he knew. That he would kill everyone and anyone he loved.
I was sent to eliminate, one could even say terminate, everyone of this mans army from God almighty.
I would not call myself an avenger. But I would say I was an Angel sent by God in answer to a simple prayer from a Godly man.
You can read about me by reading 2nd Kings 19:35


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