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Friday, February 2, 2018

The Invisible Man

In the first ever movie shown of the invisible man made in 1933 the individual wreaks havoc and mayhem when he became invisible. Sounds a bit like us within our nature of the wrongs we decide to do and the consequences that follow even though we are not invisible living in the real world.
Do you know about the invisible person? What I’m about to tell you is one hundred percent true from heavens reality in hope you would believe God. This person is invisible as a Spirit. And He is God. He is known by many names. To tell you a few he is know as the Comforter. He is known as the Spirit of truth. And to let you know he is Holy. He is known as the Holy Spirit. He only comes to visit you by one way and one way only. Do you know what that one way is?
The only way he comes into your life is by placing your faith in God’s Son Jesus as having died on your behalf for your sin and rising from the dead in hope that you would place your faith in him as having done so. So then It is our response to God's gospel believing it in your heart and then calling on Jesus in order to have a relationship with God by His Spirit. A personal gift for you. You would no longer be one who would cause mayhem by your sin in your spirit but one who decided to place your trust in Jesus to have your nature changed by Him by His Spirit. Because God is a Spirit you would be able to worship Him correctly by your spirit and in truth. You would have confidence in the fact that you have a relationship with God. John 3:3 


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