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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Did Jesus Lie To Me

If I were not to go to heaven did Jesus lie to me.
In that He did not rise from the dead. Or
That God Himself was untrue in sharing his love with the world for that in hope.
That God did not show me proof by His Spirit that I was set free in that I know that I have a relationship with him in that His Spirit bears witness with my spirit. Rom 8:16
In the hope God promises me as well as others in His word in that it was never true.
That God never sent His Son Jesus to be the savior of the world.
But you see God Almighty can show you, For He did send his Son to be the savior of the world. Even to save you. He can save you that you can know him in His love for you. By His power!
Philippians 3:10
It is not based on our feelings but on the validity of His power to save you. There is no doubt on your part because every good gift and every perfect gift from above comes down from above showing you that he will prove it to you, For He is God. James 1:17
God’s perfect gift comes from heaven for you. His Spirit will prove it to you.
Yes Jesus wants to prove it to you as like when he made the world by the power of his word in which we live. John 1:3
He wants you to know of the relationship you can have with him with no doubt no shadow.
He can prove it to you if you would place your trust in His Son Jesus for what he did for you. His Son Jesus died for you. Taking the penalty of your sin on himself at the cross. But most of all arose from the dead after 3 days alive able to prove it to you in the relationship you can have with him in knowing God.
He is God and God offers you eternal life in a relationship with him through His Son Jesus.
God is able and will prove it to you. For you see he loves you. He knew in your sin you could not save yourself, man has no righteousness before him. God knows this and out of his love for you sent his Son Jesus to take your place paying/taking your place so that God can be true in punishing all sin. Your sin is now on Him. Will you trust in Him as having done this for you? If you believe this in your heart all that is left is to confess the Lord Jesus. Romans 10:9-13
This is one gift for you that no one but God offers. And you will know you are set free in his truth for you in the sin that binds you from living free. Romans 6:23


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