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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Angel of Light!

Yes there is an angel of light who most definitely rules this world! He rules this world through hate and deception. He is the ultimate warrior a roaring lion who’s only purpose in his existence is to keep anyone blinded to truth of the love of God.

To devour and stop anyone who even tries to get out of line with his plans. He is the one who hates your soul and wants you to be in doubt of anything having to do with God. He wants you to suffer a whole eternity apart from the grace of God through Jesus Christ.

Anyone born of man who has ever gone against him has failed in defeat. There is no one on this earth who has the strength to out last the punishment he can dish out. You see he is the god of this world. He is known as the devil. He is known as Satan. There is rebellion and pride in him. Is there no champion that can beat him? Is there no truth that can renounce him? Is there any hope for man to rely on, to take on the god of this world? Is there any hope of defeating him, of stopping him dead in his tracks?

The cry is yes and yes again. The name of Jesus can defeat him. Yes Jesus, the son of God, who was sent from heaven on a mission to defeat the works of Satan, Jesus came to earth to reveal God to man.

The Savior who’s purpose was to redeem man from the curse of the law, Yes Jesus who called all the worlds into existence. Are you in bondage to the angel of light that you would want to be free from?

Then call on Jesus! Is there mercy you want from the throne of God? Then call on Jesus as Lord for God’s grace to be revealed to you! Is there a savior for mankind through Gods promise? The answer is yes and yes again being the son of God the Lord Jesus Christ the true light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. The angel of light with his pride and rebellion was defeated at the cross. There man can cry out for God’s mercy and by his stripes we are healed! Call on God’s son Jesus today.


  1. Anonymous22/8/09

    Another excellent post, shipwreck!

    This message is just as much for those people who claim to be Christian but continue living on the fence post.

    People have no discernment from God to recognize Satan when he slips into their lives dangling all those things they want, their desires and wants which may be have been Godly but Satan is tricking people left and right to appear as an "angel of light" so that people do not realize that want or desire they had has been perverted leading them away from God.If people do not wake up soon, then they will wake up in hell where it will become quite clear how this "angel of light" tricked them!

  2. sunshineaaks25/1/11

    An excellent post ship!

    It worries me that people can be so gullible and believe the lies of some preacher they want to believe is of God. They follow without even once glancing at the Bible and searching to see if what they hear is spoken truth or is laced with lies.

    The world has taken a passive approach so as to not step on someone’s toes by telling then what they believe is a lie - the fallacy that anyone can believe as they wish and still enter heaven. The very thing Satan hopes especially the true believer will do out of fear that even their friends and family will turn from them.

    Who would allow their child to play on the tracks while a train is approaching? Who would softly and gently prod the child away from the tracks because they don’t want to harm the child’s self esteem shaken by yelling at them to GET OFF THE TRACKS? WHY then do we continue to allow those who have not searched the scripture to believe the lies that will send them to hell without so much as a verse that contradicts their error!

    The ‘angel of light’ will deceive many, and there are just as many afraid to point out the error of the false preacher so that the naive follower would be redirect to Christ.




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