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Saturday, November 8, 2014

I Remember

Do you remember?

Do you remember when God first raised you up to sit in the heavenly place with Christ Jesus?
I remember when I came to know and experience His love for me.
I remember the first time when filled to overflowing joy of His presence.
I remember that day when I first humbled myself in my need for God knowing the solution to know Him was found in no other but in his Son Jesus Christ.

I remember confessing that I was sinner in need of the savior.
I remember calling on Jesus because He was alive for He had risen from the dead over 2000 years ago.

Do you remember?

Is it now that you no longer experience that joy you once had?
Is it now you long for the presence of His love?

Maybe you never experienced His love. Maybe you have not responded to the love in Christ God has for you.

Right now wherever or whoever you are reading this you can ask God to speak to the heart of your spirit and to help you grasp it with your conscience asking, praying (talking to God) in the name of His Son Jesus, on what your about to read next.

God loves You and Jesus death was for a purpose.
Do you know for what purpose?
For you to have eternal life in a relationship with God through Him as your Lord and savior.

You see Jesus is alive right now hoping that you would place your trust in Him by calling on Him as your Lord to establish this relationship for having died for your sins, every wrong in you, that separates you from God. He was both God and man to make this assurance become a reality for you. This act on your part, Calling on Jesus who God raised from the dead, will establish a relationship between you and him.

But you may have broken the fellowship with him.

Yes relationship and fellowship are two different things altogether. A relationship is established when one addresses their need by calling on Jesus as their Lord. Fellowship is the love we experience in that relationship that we may break if we go against that love. We need to only acknowledge that we went against His love by confessing the sin and acknowledge to God that's what Jesus died for in the first place.
All these truths are actually in scripture. Ask yourself, "Am I taking the time to cultivate my growth to grow with the Lord by reading His word?"
This is allowing the Lord to be the Lord in the practice of our everyday lives.

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