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Saturday, December 26, 2009


As the phone began to ring I told my wife “I wonder who it is.” As I answered the phone the person on the other end said,

“This is God.”

I covered the receiver and told my wife jokingly, "Hey there’s someone claiming to be God on the other end." She told me to take the call. So I asked God,

“If you are God do you remember what I felt when my little dog died when I was 14 years old.”

The person claiming to be God answered and said, “You were mad at me in your heart and you knew in your conscience it was me you were offending.” I thought about that for a moment and remembered that is how I responded.
I asked OK God if you’re really who you say you are how are my feelings toward you right at this very moment?

The person on the other end replied, “That’s an easy one since you do not know me personally you have no feelings toward me in regard to knowing that I love you.” Now this person really had me going I was now frustrated in the fact for what this person was telling me was exactly what I felt. I said, 

“Ok God how do I get to know you?”

There was a pause for a second, and then the person said because I love you I sent my Son Jesus down to earth on a mission to be your savior for your wrong actions called sin to resolve those wrong feelings you have towards me. By dying on the cross taking as if it were your place. He told me he understands my nature and that if I would turn towards him from my way, asking for mercy, and place my faith in his Son Jesus as Lord by calling on him, receiving his grace, I would know the love in which he spoke about. You see Jesus did die for your sins but then he arose from the dead alive three days later. You have the opportunity to call on my Son Jesus as your Lord and know him as your Savior.
I could not believe it here for the first time someone was telling me Gods plan for saving me in simple English.
So I got on my knee’s and poured out my heart and ask God for His mercy for offending him with my wrong actions and I cried out for the Lord Jesus to save me in Gods grace for me, to be my Lord. Please Father God saturate my conscience and my soul with your Spirit to bring cleansing in my life to worship you O Father God move me with your Spirit teach me your ways I ask this in the name of your Son the Lord Jesus Christ.
As I opened my eyes my wife was kneeling right besides me praying with her heart the same prayer.
Acts 2:21 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.


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