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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Broken Bridge

Right now you may be saying to yourself “How can I have assurance of knowing God?” Yes right now you may be staring at a bridge that you want to walk over to God but you can’t because it has been broken, destroyed. Because you know that it was you that broke the bridge in the first place. It was broken by our wrong actions, offending our conscious before holy God. You know God is on the other side but you can’t reach him you cannot pass over. You want to reach him to know of his love but you don’t know how. I have good news for you in which you can now absolutely meet God and walk across that bridge with him in knowing him personally for yourself.

You see a long time before any of us were created God saw that the bridge between him and us would be broken because of our sin. He saw then that only he could build the bridge for us back to him, to remove the sin penalty in our lives, to renew our conscious, for us to be born again spiritually. So it was his plan that he would send his Son to our side of the bridge.

Yes God sent his Son Jesus, being born as a baby, to our side of the bridge, here on earth from heaven on a mission, the mission to repair our relationship with him by his death. You see it was Gods plan since the foundation of the world that his Son would be slain as our sacrifice of the wrong, sin, in our lives, to repair the relationship that we can have with him. Yes it was Jesus, God the Son, who left heaven and came to earth as the savior to take upon himself the sin of the world. He took the punishment, the separation, meant for us on him. But you know what? Jesus never did anything wrong, he was perfect. He was Gods Son, so three days later Jesus arose from the dead alive.

How does all of this apply personally to you in your life?

Well for me I placed my trust in Jesus for having died for my sin taking my place at the cross having the consequences that was meant for me placed on him, being separated from his Father. Then I acknowledge Gods sacrifice for me by turning to God, repentance, from my way of life, and then I called on his Son Jesus as Lord, because he was alive, for having done all of that for me. That was all that was up to me, which can be for you. God did everything for us all we have to do is acknowledge our need by Calling on Jesus as Lord. Will you turn from your way of thinking towards God in repentance and place your faith in his Son Jesus as your Lord?

Gen 22:8 And Abraham said, My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering: so they went both of them together.

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