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Thursday, September 8, 2016

A Dishonest Gift

A dishonest gift is called a bribe. It is where you receive something that
persuades you towards the will of the person giving the dishonest gift, which again is called a bribe.
A bribe can be as small as a child bribing another child to help with his homework. A bribe can be one that receives money from an individual not to testify against another.
There are many different forms of a bribe.
Have you ever been bribed by another? Have you ever bribed another?

Now a gift is something that is given to someone without payment, without persuading someone’s will with a bribe to do something, it is a present. Have you ever given a gift to another? Have you ever received a gift from another?

Does God offer a bribe or a gift?

God would no longer save anyone if the gift of His Son Jesus was to be considered a bribe to get you to do something.

His gift is pure undefiled and holy which came down from heaven.
God the Son came down and was born of a virgin to eventually grow up and offer his sinless life in place of your sinful life.
Once accepted as a gift we begin to grow in response to his love for us.

It is not a bribe to do something but a gift offered to you to receive because of his goodness because of his kindness because of his mercy.

How can you receive this gift?

By placing your faith in Jesus for what he did for you.
What did God’s Son Jesus do for you?
He died for sin your sin, every wrong thing you ever did or thought that you knew was wrong, on a cross. And he was buried.
But arose from the dead the third day alive in hope that you would believe it in your heart and call out to him as having done so for you.
This is God’s gift for you.

I tell you all of this in hope you would receive the offer of God’s gift by calling on His Son Jesus because Jesus who loves you more than anyone who died and rose again for you, warns us of the other place one goes to if they chose to reject the offer of His gift.

For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23

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  1. Praise God for this site here brother, and I will go through all the writings here one by one.. Grace and peace to you in Jesus name amen.




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