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Thursday, July 23, 2015


People use this expression my space this or my space that when
talking with others.
Like one would say, "stay out of my space" or "this is my space" to let others know that they are in ownership of what they think or where they are at.
Which is true by the way whether it be wrong or right in the decisions one makes.
Many fights have started for these very same reason. People demanding that their space is more important than others.

Space is a very valuable thing it seems.

But right now I want to ask you is a serious question.
What is the space of your heart filled with, truth or doubt?
Better yet is the space in you, in your soul, a dark space with no answers or a lighted space with all the answers that God has shown you in knowing him in a personal relationship?

If your inclined to want to know the power of Gods love for real in your life it is possible.
Because His will is to clean the space of your heart out by the power of His blood.
Jesus, His Sons blood was shed at the cross to do this in order for you to have the option of calling on Him as Lord as having died for your space, your life.
And being raised from the dead for you to know him as Lord if you so do call on him. You see your space needs this because you have made wrong decisions your conscience bears witness against you. Your conscience now can be healed by this Promise of Gods.

Would you want the power of Gods love in His holiness to come and fill and clean the space of your heart with His love by calling on Jesus as your Lord because he lives.
Will you stand before him with nothing more than saying in your heart, "This is my space" separated from his love.?

It's your choice  

He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. 1stJohn 4:8

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