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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Hill

Our forces have taken back freedom for the Iraqi people. Our forces are now fighting in Afghanistan hills for their freedom. 
But did you know that the first and most important battle was at a hill  called Calvary! It was fought by Jesus against the deception lies of Satan. And Jesus won our freedom! He took on the god of this world and beat him hands down. He did it all by himself because he loves everyone. God knew since the foundation of the world that he would sacrifice his son for mans sin so it would be paid for. His justice had to be upheld and so his son Jesus paid our debt with his life. You can now join in Jesus victory that was won at the cross because he is alive to make it real for you because your sins have been paid for. All that remains is for you to call on Jesus to save you! Yes it’s that simple!
Is it not fantastic that after 2000 years the name of Jesus makes a lot of people tremble?
There is absolute power in his name. There are a billion more miracles to be had. Go ahead make his day and see if he is not able to show you who he is! Call on the Lord Jesus Christ while you may!

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