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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Have you ever been absent from a place you knew you had to be at?

Like the time you were absent from school in which your friends and teachers missed you. Or the times you were absent from your job
and someone else had to cover for you.
Sure you have.
You can understand then children growing up with absentee Fathers or worse yet no Fathers at all to nurture them.

They cry out for love and attention for direction but never receiving it drift along through life without love or purpose. With no discipline  they grow up to do the same on how they were treated in being emotionally or physically absent to their children in need of a father.

How hard it must be to go through life with none of the assurances a Father instills in his son or daughter.
This describes so many people in this world.

You might even say it describes you.
Having had no father to love you who was absent and your struggling in life to find purpose in order not to be adrift.

Would you want love, Gods love?
 I'm here to tell you there is one Father in heaven who is never absent and that he loves you very much so much so that he sent his Son down to earth to help you to be filled to overflowing with his love. Many fathers have passed by this love because they choose to remain emotionally and spiritually apart from accepting his love.

Because God is real and if your search of his love is real he will prove it to you by his Spirit if you would respond to what I'm about to share.

Jesus loves you and wants you to be filled to overflowing in his love.

He died for all the emotional abuse you have been through that he can heal you for you to feel love, real love from above. Spiritual love anew. As if you were born again.

You see Jesus died at the cross for all the pain all the bad choices every wrong act done it was all placed on him. He took the guilt and the consequences of the world upon himself and he died.

This was Gods plan that through His Sons death healing can take place.
Do you know why?

Because Jesus did not stay dead in the grave to offer no hope no healing but was raised from the dead to offer help to offer healing.

That right now you can call on Jesus as having done all this as your Lord to make it real to you. Because God the Father is real and Jesus is real healing will take place if you place your faith in Him for what he has done for you.

This is all possible because God is true.

One can pray,
"Dear Father in heaven I admit that I don't know you but I just read that your Son Jesus died for all the bad that has been done to me and that I have done so that I can know you. On the basis of your Sons name I believe that he died for me and rose the third day knowing the love you promise through him that I can have because Jesus is alive, dear Lord Jesus save me I believe you are alive and that this promise is true I don't want my way anymore I invite you into my life."

God is never absent when it comes to His word for He is true to it.

In fact He holds His word above His name. He says so in 

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  1. lost children need to know that the father loves them... many do not know this




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