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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Strongest Man on Earth

Who was literally the strongest man on earth? Was it anyone whose strength came from themselves? Was it someone who exercised on a regular basis to build up the muscle in the arm? Was it someone who could bench press 2000 pounds? Who can literally in reality hold the spotlight as the strongest man on earth?

Why it was Samson because of his commitment before God. God blessed Samson with strength all legends try to copy. God blessed Samson with strength because of his commitment to have God as number one.

This strength came from God almighty himself within Samson. Sure he did for a time loose it because of taking his eyes off of God but he gain it back when he knew not to take the eyes of his heart off of God. Right now if we were able to find the gravestone of Samson I bet if would read;

Samson the Strongest Man on Earth through His Learning Commitment to Keep God Number One!

Are you committed to God? Do you know God? Would you like to know him? You can. You see Jesus Gods only begotten Son came to earth to die for us, on the cross, because of the bad we do in us called sin. All the sin in us was placed on Jesus. Everything you ever did wrong that you knew that hurt and offended God.

And if you would turn from your bad ways towards God and then call on the Lord Jesus as having died for that sin you will know God. You see after dying on the cross three days later Jesus arose from the dead Alive. You can call on him because this is Gods only way of knowing him. Jesus is here waiting for your choice in commitment to call on him as Lord. Will you take the opportunity to call on Him?

Judges 13:24-16:30

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