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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Boy Who Would Grow Up To Receive a Promise from God Himself!

This is a true story about a boy, a regular boy, like you and I. He could have been born a girl but he was born a boy. This boy had a conscience like you and I as well, to decide right from wrong and the difference between good and evil. The record of where he came from or his life activities has never been recorded but again this is his true account.
He made choices and decisions which got him into trouble, deep trouble. Trouble enough that as a grown man to warrant his execution for the wrong decisions he had made. To be executed on a set day. This boy now a man who had a conscience was about to be executed for his crime. He knew this to be true; his own heart told him so.
There was no way out. They brought him to the place where he was about to be executed,
the place where this man would receive the greatest promise from God himself.
There were two other prisoners that were about to be executed that day as well. He could not believe all the commotion going on surrounding the execution.
He heard no one there call out his name. There were no friends of his there to support him. He listened to some of the crowd’s comments while they were administering the justice on their lives.
The focus was on the one man there. He had heard that this one prisoner could save people and was referred to as the Christ so in arrogance mocked him, but still all the while contemplating who this man was. He heard the other prisoner mocked him as well.
But then he saw a sign being placed above the one prisoners being executed it read “Jesus of Nazareth the King of the Jews.”
His eyes became opened for this man was hearing way too much from the crowd about the man on the middle on a cross as; he had heard no charge placed against this man. His eyes were opened enough by God in order for God to save him.
So this man who made choices that warrant his death, Called out saying, “Jesus, Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom”

And you know what? Jesus made him a promise that saying, "Today you will be with me in paradise.
This man who was considered a nobody died with no one there who knew him, died knowing his actions warranted death, but most of all that before death had received a promise from God himself as to his eternal destiny.
He was no more.
Can we guess what happened next? Not a guess but according to the promise given by the Son of God himself,
the man who was once a thief opened his eyes alive and saw Jesus along with countless others who had placed their hope in God.
Luke 23:33

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