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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Smoke Detectors

Recently we were approved for a grant which allowed us to get many improvements to our house praise God.

We got a new roof and basement supports and also smoke detectors in every room that are connected to the electric all the time, to help us escape in case of fire so no one would die.

When they were installed that night I noticed in our bedroom a light signifying that the detector was working properly. Then I looked and noticed that the light was making a glow trim oval on the opposite wall in which our beds were under.

This brought to my attention in reminding me we were under the blood of Jesus.

Like it was our part to acknowledge with God His plan by which we can come before him. Like both of us, God and me, agreeing in unison in response his purpose for my life by claiming His word that His Son Jesus had died for me and was raised for me to call on Jesus as Lord.

Have you claimed that light of Gods truth that can cover you all the time?

Long ago it happened that the angel of death was coming on all the people of a nation that in order escape it one would have to be believe Gods word on the fact that one had to take blood and put it on the lintel of the door and the doorposts in order for the angel of death to pass by.

Will the Angel of death Passover you?

I pray that God would grant that the eyes of your heart be opened to hear and apply this message of hope. That you would claim that Jesus blood was shed for your sins and he was raised to life in order for you to call on him.


  1. One of my favorite Christian songs...thank you !! Yes, His Light and Love and COVERING.....they all overshadow my life! Praise Jesus for a chance to have a loving God, not a monsterous god who only wants death......

    There is so much on the side of LIFE...choose Life!! Choose Jesus!

    1. So true art2ya. The love of God.

  2. Christ's blood, shed for our sins, is the ultimate portrayal of God's love for us. It is through it, that we are spared from Death. Death is swallowed up by the victory that is Christ's Resurrection. And we know, that because Christ was resurrected, so shall we be, in the end of the age.

    1. Amen. In our relationship with God we grow no matter how many falls or how slow.
      When its legit, one truly born again, we know it because he tells us we are His :)

  3. I join in this prayer with you shipmate and thank you for sharing your wisdom. God bless you brother

    1. Thank you Barb for your decision to co partner in prayer for any and all who may read one of these stories




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