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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Naaman's victory

Naaman was a commander. He was such a good commander that God himself tells us in His word that he was. But Naaman also had a problem. He had leprosy and people saw his leprosy, an ugliness on the outside of his body.
He wanted to get rid of this disease of leprosy so bad on the outside of his body that he decided to go to God.
So God gave Naaman instructions on how to get healed. And there was only one way to do it, Gods way.
Naaman was to go and wash in the river, called Jordan seven times.
But Naaman had thought having to do what God told him to do was beneath him.
You see Naaman had actually two problems an outward problem of His disease but an inward problem of pride which God wanted him to deal with, he needed to humble himself in order to be healed.
And you know what?
Naaman finally did exactly what God told him to do and was healed right on the spot.
Do you have an ugliness of sin within your heart?

You see God says in His word that everyone has an ugliness disease of sin in the inside of their heart that needs to be healed, that keeps everyone from knowing Him. That without it not being removed, one cannot come into Gods presence in having a relationship with Him because God is holy.
There being only one way to do it, Gods way.

So God in His love for us did something very special for you in that He sent His Son Jesus down to earth to shed His blood that you might allow his blood to wash you in order that you would want the disease of your sin to be removed by His only way.

How you might ask?

By accepting by faith that Jesus took the disease of your sin on Himself dying in your place at the cross being buried and then was raised three days later alive in hope that you would call on the Lord Jesus as your Savior as having done this for you.
In that day that you decide to do this you will know and experience who God is. 
Will it be today that you call on Jesus as your Lord?

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  1. I love this. Thank you for this wonderful perspective and exegetical analysis of this scripture! Keep up the amazingness:)




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