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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Sounds like the end of everything? The first time I encountered this issue was when I was in first grade. Three of us used to sit together at those small tables they had for kids of our age. Homeroom, Lunch and when we had to wait for the bus to go home are the times we had together until one day one of us did not show up at our table.

The little boy died of trichinosis and everyone at that time who ate what He ate had to get an injection for the disease. That’s when I found out that my friend had died.

I was sad and did not know how to
deal with my feelings to resolve the issue of losing a friend and dealing with death. With no counseling I decided to ignore these feelings and facts. So for a time, for me anyway, there were no develop relationships for me as a person to thrive with and no sense of purpose because with death being an ending why try? Now I found out that a lot of people are afraid of dying and are also afraid of living.
There are ways of dealing with the uncertainties of death and the uncertainties of living. People are afraid to what’s after death they ignore it. Like a wall that separates us from what’s on the other side. Who can help us with these issues of life and death?

Right now would be a good time to stop here and share another true story with you. This is about a person whose life was about to end. His hope was in God. But God left Him and then He was executed for crimes He did not commit He was innocent and nobody help Him. He was then buried and that was the end of that.
Three days later Jesus arose from the dead, alive! The reason God turned His back on Jesus, forsaken, at the cross right before He died was because our sin was laid on Jesus and God cannot look on sin, He is Holy. So Jesus was punished, crucified, for our sin. Jesus was separated for you and me so we would not be separated from Him. He took our spot to be separated so we don’t have to be if we cry out for a legitimate relationship through Christ Jesus we can come to know who God is and what He is about.
Jesus paid the price for the sin in our lives. His Holy blood poured down from the cross for us and this was satisfied payment to God for everyone who takes Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Nothing can stand in the way for you to receive this relational experiential relationship which you can now walk in faith freely with God through Jesus.

Born again would be the term when you experience God coming into your life when you call on Jesus to save you. Is there is a reason to trust God? Yes it would be because of Jesus? Jesus can be the author and finisher of your faith if you let Him. It is your choice.

Invite Jesus to come into your heart to clean your life up and allow Him to direct you by giving Him the reins of your life.

Heb 9:27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

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