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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Clear and Concise Scribble

Many in churches today have not really understood or addressed their situation to knowing who Jesus is and what he is all about. If this relates to you I ask that you would take the time and read the rest of this story.
First, I want you to get two blank clean sheets of paper ready and a pen or pencil, no writing will be done, and place one of the papers in front of you on your desk.
Second, I want you to scribble in the area of one to two inches, it does not really matter the size.

Three, after your done scribbling I want you to visualize and ask God to help you see that the scribble you made is all the sin, wrong; you have done in your life. Do you know your scribble of sin separates you from knowing God?

Four, right now I want you to get up and go to the refrigerator and pull out a bottle of ketchup bring it over to the desk and pour it all over your scribble.

After you’re done, I ask, can you see your scribble on the paper?

Did you know that right now Holy God wants you to know that the blood of His Son Jesus was poured out, shed, to cleanse you of your sins of scribble?
And that if you call out to Jesus as your Lord, His act on your behalf becomes a living reality between you and God you enter into a relationship with Him, because no longer does God see your sin scribble. He removes Your sin, what you have done wrong, because he is God and this is the only way he says it can be removed.

Today you can come to know God.

You may say, “I have lost my salvation.”
With that said,
Now I want you to take the second white sheet of paper and place it over the ketchup that’s on the first paper and try to write on it. Even if you could write on it the ketchup would eventually seep through where the scribble, sin, you wrote and then you could not see it anymore.

Do you think God almighty after sending His Son Jesus pouring out His blood at the cross would not acknowledge His only begotten Son as having done this in His obedience for you claiming this promise? Never!

1st Cor 1:21 For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.

Note: Before you leave one thing for another you have to want the other thing more.


  1. I don't know scriptures that much...I'm not a scholar...but I have been blessed to have great priests to break it down and give great sermons explaining it and applying it to my everyday life!! I've always believed in a merciful God! I am sure that salvation is within my grasp if I stay the course! Thanks for the great writing!! God bless!!

    1. Dear Kiki, God wants us to get to know him by reading His word, the scriptures, everyday.




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