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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Alice's Story

My name is Alice and I am sharing with you that a long time ago a man who promise to love me to the end of time, who asked me to marry him, broke my heart in breaking our engagement.

I was so broken up and hurt for awhile but actually I learned it was an answer to prayer from the Lord that I was not to marry an unbeliever, someone who had not the Spirit of God within His life.

Time had went by where one day while I was about to open my bible it slipped and fell on the floor and I went to pick it up. The back cover was open and I saw where I had made a promise myself that I would pray always for the man who broke his promise with me to love me forever. 
The mans name that was inscribed on the inside of the back cover of my bible was Ebenezer Scrooge.

Through many years I would pray for him that he would make a decision for Christ.
Many years I would share in the Ladies bible class that I was praying for Ebenezer Scrooge with many a disbelieving eye. 
If fact many told me "Its impossible" for that man.
I would reply back," With God all things are possible" even giving them the location where Jesus said it Matthew 19:26
I would see him ever so often through the years as well but always making myself  inconspicuous because I knew the Lord was working on his heart. Everyone was always intimidated by him by his actions but not me for it was the Lords love in me, charity, that inspired me to pray continually for him.
Then it came that the Lord revealed to me in a dream that this was to be his night to make a decision. To either accept the Lord Jesus Christ payment on his behalf by asking Him as his Savior because Jesus had risen from the dead or to pass by it.

You see I had never married so that evening I put a many a logs in the fireplace and knelt down to pray knowing this was what the Lord wanted in His love for us. I started to cry tears streaming down my face praying, intercessory prayer, on behalf of the man who broke his promise with me to love me to the end of time.

I must have been there a long time because I awoke on the floor the fire almost out with the morning light coming through my window.
Had Ebenezer made a decision for Christ? Something in me told me that he did.

I got dressed and hurriedly ran out the door towards the neighborhood where he lived when I saw a small boy about to run pass me that I was impressed to speak with the boy.

I said, "Why are you in such a hurry lad" I asked. The boy said with joy, "the man who was always mean to me and had no love for anyone ask me to go and get the butcher to buy the biggest turkey for a family. He promised me a half a crown if I get the butcher back to his house within five minutes. So ma'am I can't stay."
I got to Ebenezer's house but stayed off a little ways seeing that the boy pulling the butcher man by his arm while the turkey was in the Butcher's other arm. Then with the greatest happiness moment I saw Ebenezer open his door and give a big hug to the butcher and gave not just a half a crown (money) to the boy but 2 crowns. Thanking them both wishing them a Merry Christmas.

You see I had just shared a testimony of prayer that ones name placed in back of a bible in earnest God sees and that its been like two weeks since Ebenezer's calling out to Jesus and I see him now walking through the front doors of our church.

And before long, with prayer, I know he will be sitting by me :)
Merry Christmas all.


  1. Anonymous1/9/14

    This has never been done before. The Scrooge story from the woman he was to marry.
    Made my day.

  2. Anonymous14/1/15

    God reminds us that we will have heartache if we marry an unbeliever. This is true. The man I married was of this world, not a man of God. I had heart ache after heart ache. When I asked God to find me the right man, a good man, a man of faith, He delivered. We have been together 10 yrs now and stronger than ever. The scripture is truth. He loves us that much. If we trust, listen, and rely on God, we cannot go wrong. There will be storms all around us, people persecuting us out of 'lack of knowledge' but God is with us all the time. His ways are best. Amen and Amen Wonderful post. Thank you. God bless you, Always!!!!

  3. Anonymous9/6/15

    You told me to just enter "smile".

    1. You Loved the story, yes?
      And I remember who :)

  4. Never heard this story before...what a beautiful story..amen..

  5. Anonymous18/7/16

    This is the best one I have read so far. reminds us that there are people always praying, You dont always see them. Sometimes you dont even know about them. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much....




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