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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Final Judgment

The title of this story sounds like we are going to watch a science fiction movie.
But we know that science fiction is not true.
We all have a tendency to believe things that are not true in our lives. Like how great it is to be successful or rich or popular. It seems that our focus is on the things that we see which will eventually pass away when we come to the end of our life.

The 'Final Judgment' I'm talking about is when God, whom we cannot see, for His love to be upheld will have us all stand before him when we all come to the end of our lives. Showing us his justice because of His love that we are guilty before Him. Why is this? Because neither you nor I are righteous in our lives. Not in word thought or deed. No one is righteous. We all know that at times we have done wrong and thought wrong. We have not seek to do right all the time, falling short of His glory.

But God in His love to be upheld for His justice to be kept knows where you are at guilty before Him.

So God in His wisdom for you to know of His power provided for you His Son Jesus.

What does that mean?

God put on His Son Jesus all the consequence of the bad we have done in word thought or deed. He laid on His Son Jesus all the worlds iniquity. Jesus blood was shed when they nailed him to the cross. Payment for your sin that God did for you. And Jesus died.

But the good news is Jesus arose from the dead three days later alive in hope you will accept God's plan of salvation by believing in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead. For with your heart you believeth unto righteousness and will be saved into a relationship with God by calling on His Son Jesus who is alive In faith in all what God has provided for you.
This way if you take God up on His word in His grace for you, you will pass from Judgment into eternal life in a relationship with Him because of what His Son has done for you.

Why don't you place your trust in God because what His Son Jesus has done for you today?



  1. Anonymous8/4/16

    As always, good stuff. And the song from Hillsong was a nice finishing touch. Keep pressing on, brother! Pastor Jeremy




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