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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Blind Darkness

I’m blind and I’m walking towards you. I think I see but in reality darkness is before me. The light I should see will you take the time to tell me on how that it can be revealed to me?

Please I’m hurting will it take an earthquake before you tell me about God’s light that you said shines through you?
Can I ask you right now to close your eyes and tell me what you see?
Be honest now, with your eyes still closed, do you really have a relationship with God that you could tell me about the love he has for you, that he died for you and that he arose from the dead to prove it to you. I want God to walk with me. Does He really walk with you in order for you to tell me?
Are you for real or am I just blind? Are you spiritually alive by God’s grace through placing your faith in His Son Jesus or are you lost like me in leading me astray?
I want so much to see the light. Will you show me?
Maybe Jesus never ever saved you in the first place that you know him. Is this what is true of you?
Please I beg don’t tell me of the degrees you have on your wall or the academic achievements you posses. I just want to know the love of God through His risen Son Jesus.

Is that too hard to follow up on what lost people should know?
I have to do something right, or do I simply place my faith in what Jesus has done?
Maybe I should tell you?
Satan wants you to be focused on sin but Jesus wants you to be focused on him for what he has done for you. He died for your sin it was all put on him. He died but he arose from the dead able to save you by you believing on him. It is God’s mercy which saves us not anything we can do.
I wish someone would tell me personally. Maybe they ought to share with you as well.

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