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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We Want to See the Fruit

Yes, we do want to see the fruit of God in peoples lives. We want to see people saved and we want to see people growing so we can have hope here on earth.

But the sad fact in reality most people are on their way to hell in a hand basket.
They have rejected God and more than likely you feel  rejected.
They are not rejecting you but God through your life.

Our hope can only come from above in the assurance we know of Him, His promises for us found in scripture and shown to us by His Spirit.
We see falsehoods around us that weighs on our spirits. We even see our nation going under for the count. We see the spirit of disobedience. We see the hopelessness of people choices  and the consequences thereof. We see un-forgiveness and indifference.

But if you truly know Jesus you know where you will be in 100 years.

You will be talking and serving Jesus. You will be with your brothers and sisters in heaven. You, if God permits, will then see why everything was supposed to be the way it was down here on earth.
Yes you will be walking on the streets of gold. You will see all the bible characters knowing that their ministry of obeying God in their lives helped you in yours.

And you will see JESUS face to face.

For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. Php 1:21

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