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Monday, September 29, 2014

Rotten To The Core

Have you ever picked up an apple
that you thought looked ripe and tender only to find out that it was rotten once you had bitten into it?
Sure you have. And you learned then that the outside of the apple on how it looked was not an indication on what was on the inside.

Did you know that we are rotten to the core that is the seed of our nature is rotten to the core towards God, we have no relationship with Him.
We can never please Him.
We try to do things that may look on the outside as good but still yet we are not cleaned on the inside. The core of our life is corrupt, rotten.
If your honest with yourself you know what I'm talking about.
This nature that's within ourselves can never be changed by our wisdom or power.

Did you know that right now God knows about our nature being rotten to the core.

God knew our nature would became rotten when Adam and Eve disobeyed Him by eating from the tree they were told not to. And the result of that disobedience was that Adam and Eve no longer had a relationship with God , they had become spiritually dead.

We have in us the core of Adams nature. We are spiritually dead.

But the fall of Adam did not catch God off Guard. He knew it would happen.
For you see in His wisdom He had it already planned in His love for us that he would send His Son Jesus down to earth to help us out when His time was right.
The Bible refers to Him as the second Adam.
One who's core was white as snow, Who loved the Father and had a relationship with Him.
So God sent Jesus down to earth to be born of a virgin, not of an earthly man because the first Adams rottenness would taint His Son's blood but by Gods Spirit overshadowing her.
When Jesus grew up God showed witness that He had a relationship with His Son by certain signs and wonders through Jesus life, Gods power was scene. As well as when His voice came from heaven saying, "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him." Mat 17:5

Then there came a time when Jesus was put to death. God's plan was that His Son would be put to death in order for His justice to be upheld to give us an opportunity. He was put to death for us.
He was put to death in order for us to have a relationship with God if we respond to this message by knowing that Jesus died for us, shedding His blood, and rising three days later alive waiting for us to call on Him as our Lord knowing it is He that saves us.
One can pray, 
     "Dear God in heaven, Father, I am rotten to the core and I don't want the rottenness. My need is I want to know of your love spiritually. I want to have a relationship with you. So I believe in my heart that you God raised Jesus from the dead and I acknowledge Jesus as my Lord by this prayer calling on Him verbally as having done all this to save me, my savior. Lord Jesus thank you for dying in my place. In your name Lord Jesus do I pray" Rom 10:8-9

If prayed and understood one now has entered into a eternal relationship with God knowing of His power by His Holy Spirit.

Why is this possible?
Because God says so.

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