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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


When I was young I had a dog named Independence. I called him that because he would do whatever he wanted to without taking any instructions from me.

Independence wanted no direction for His life. He would eat and drink food and water from the strangest places. He even ran away from me the person who loved Him and who wanted to take care of Him!

We, in our nature, choose to be independent from God. Our decision making is derived off of our own intent and motive at the time the decision is being made. This in general is called your volition, the act of making a conscious choice or decision.

By changing your volition we could make the necessary adjustments to line up with Gods terms. Well this change can only come from God who sent Jesus to save us. Jesus died shed his blood for every self decision you ever made and His living life is alive to prove it to you.

Jesus said, “All power in heaven and earth has been given to me”. Talk to God right now and ask him so he can hear you so now it’s your choice to choose this with your volition. Tell God that you realize because of His Word that Jesus is the only sacrifice He accepts then call on Jesus to save you. Do you want to meet God with your self centered volition or do you want it known, between you and God, that Jesus saved you right now, that you placed your trust in Him? Make your decision for Him today!

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  1. I was that dog, called Independence..Even after I gave my life to the LORD, that part did not die off all at once, little by little for if it doesn't happen all at once, do not be discouraged....IT WILL!!




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