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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Walking The Plank

Walking the Plank on a ship meant it was the end of ones life.
The way it was a long time ago when an individual on board a ship had been convicted of a crime they would sentence the man to death. 

They would blind fold the person and tie his hands and make him walk out on a plank (an extended wood board, called a plank) out from the ship over the water. They would jab his back with their swords until the individual would fall off into the sea and either drown or got eaten by the sharks. It was a horrible death.

The individual in most cases would cry out for mercy (wanting to receive undeserved help in spite of the wrong) in which no one would help.

He died, like we all will, having no faith afraid of what his future was to be.

Most of you reading this know your life will end.
Will your life end with no hope no faith with no future in doubt?
God wants you to have a future in having eternal life with Him in a personal relationship with him before you die.
Did you know this?

God made it possible for you (and me) to cry out for mercy to receive undeserved help in spite of the wrong you and I have committed.

Why is this.
Because Gods Son the Lord Jesus, died for all the worlds sin making it possible that's why.

Your part is to pray agreeing with God that your sins, the wrongs you have committed, are an offense to Him, because He is holy.

And that His mercy shown is the offer as a free gift His son Jesus as having died in your place for your sins as just payment for your debt.
God wants you to know of his mercy and of his grace right now.

But all that remains in the way now is for you to call on Jesus as Lord and savior because after he was put to death on your part three days later he arose from the dead alive waiting for you to call on him as your Lord.
Will you cry out for mercy to receive the free gift of Gods grace. How is that done? By calling on His Son, Jesus Christ, as your Lord today.
God wants your trust to be in His word (The Holy Bible) before you leave this world before you walk the final plank leading to death.

His word for you is that He sent His Son the Lord Jesus Christ into the world to save sinners like you and I.

If you did call on Jesus as your Lord, You no longer will walk the plank of doubt and death but you will be walking by the Spirit in faith knowing whom you trust and are in a relationship with and knowing that now and when your life ends your with him for all eternity. 
Romans 8:2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.                                    


  1. Anonymous19/4/15

    Excellent comparison of "walking the plank" with "the certainty of death with no hope"! Your insights are on the mark.
    As always, a blessing! Thanks! Pastor Jeremy

  2. Anonymous10/5/15

    I enjoyed my time with you today at Price Chopper. The Lord does everything for a reason. Everything is orchestrated in His plan. Thank you. May the Lord bless you and keep you. And may His rays of light shine upon you.

  3. Anonymous22/1/16

    Very good!!!!Joyce Hill




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