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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Man Who Said No To God

Once there was this man, named Manasseh, who was bad, he did a lot of evil things.

He was so bad that even the bad guys were afraid of him. He was so bad that he practiced throwing babies alive into fire. He was so bad as king that he even led a whole nation to do this as well.

He did not listen to his conscience to do right.
He did not listen to the Lord who spoke to him asking him to turn from these evils.

He wanted his way and his way only. According to him no one was going to tell him what to do.

Then Lord gathered together an army that was bigger and badder than that of this mans army. They captured Manasseh and put him into chains, thick chains that went around his wrists and ankles and waist.
I must stop here for a moment and tell you of Manasseh’s father. He was kind and loving and he was obedient to God. For you see he followed his conscience and did that which was right in Gods eyes. His name was Hezekiah and when Hezekiah prayed God listened and answered those prayers.
But Manasseh did not follow the right ways of his father to be obedient to God and because of his life actions he was now in chains with no hope.
He was now understanding the discipline of the Lords correction to turn from his wrong doings.
So he cried out in humbleness to the Lord God for mercy in regard to his wrong actions. He made it clear in his heart that he would turn from those wrong evil ways.
And you know what? The Lord God heard his cry and was greatly pleased by the prayer Manasseh prayed. For you see Manasseh repented.

Yes this evil man repented and cried out to the Lord for mercy.
The Lord God even brought him back, out of his bondage, to his kingdom so that Manasseh knew that the Lord he was God. The living God.

Have you turned from the Lord? Do you know the Lord? If this man named Manasseh was able to repent and find forgiveness from the heart of God you can too. The Lord heard Manasseh’s prayer and cleaned him and restored him to where he was.
Please right now whoever you are take the time and ask God in prayer that you want to repent, like as Manasseh did, and turn from all the ways you know which hurts and offends God and ask the Lord Jesus to lead you as the Lord of your life. You can place your faith in him. For you see Jesus’ death was payment for all the wrong and evil in your life. He died on the cross as payment for you. So God would not look at you to punish but that he looks to his Son Jesus as having died for that sin already, If you would only call on Jesus as your Lord. The Lord Jesus rose from the dead and is waiting for you right now to call out to him as Lord. Will you do this? Turn from your way to the way of Gods through his Son the Lord Jesus Christ by calling on him?
Now whenever anyone mentions the name of Manasseh I think of a humble and upright individual who repented and found favor in Gods eyes. 

Whenever I hear the name of Manasseh I think of the man who said yes to God.


  1. Love it! God Bless you brother!

  2. Anonymous18/7/16

    Wow that was GREAT... The Lord brought him back even though he was FINISHED, IN CHAINS... he REPENTED and was brought BACK... he was RESTORED




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