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Friday, February 26, 2016

The Expert's on Rules

Being a new person in a school is not easy. It happened a lot for we
moved around a lot.
Having no friends and starting afresh is hard to adjust with others in a new school as well.
One having to have gone through this their work studies tend to suffer. Maybe you experienced being a new kid in school as well when you were growing up.
Well one day at this new school I heard that there was going to be a chess match. I was excited and entered to play. And you know what? I won. Out of 100 kids I won. They announced my name into the loudspeaker at school the next day. I was shy when they did but felt proud that I was able to because it was an accomplishment in my life because of God’s help.

But the story actually starts here.

That morning when the bell rang I went to the next class which was music class for me. I sat in the last seat in the last row and started to draw pictures while the teacher instructed the students to read like 10 pages there in class. As everyone was reading, not me I was drawing the teacher slowly but surely moved around the class heading towards me. I covered my drawings and made like I was reading the material he had given us.

He got to right behind me and said these words, “So you think your something Mario. Just wait until my guys get a hold of you.” What he had said, as a teacher, diminished my spirit. I did not understand why then but understand now that

I was pushed out of his jealousy of me into another chess match with a group of the smarter kids in higher grades, one even with an I.Q. of 130, I was told.

I agreed not realizing then that there were other teachers that had the same jealousy, for they would be playing, teaching, some of the kids of that group to beat me.
All in all I was defenseless with no one to help me train with no one to give emotional support. I cried within my heart to God telling him so.
Before I finish what happened at the event at school I want to share with you about this other true story about this other match that took place.
It was not a chess match though, but a way of life match.
You see long ago there was this group of men who studied since youth a certain way of life. Who knew every aspect of the rule of what they studied. They knew their game both forward and backward inside and out. Everyone listen to these men. Everyone looked up to these men. These men in the eyes of the people were smart. They were the authority the people listen to.

That was until one day this new person came to where they were at.

This new person discussed with them to what they knew and what they knew not. He did not discuss the rules that they knew inside and out. He discussed the nature in their heart.

They did not know that that this new person was present when Moses received those rules that they studied, known as the Ten Commandments.
For this new persons name with them was Jesus and Jesus was telling them how to be free, that through him they could be free, telling them that their nature of whom they listened to kept them in bondage.
Jesus knew the nature 
in their heart.
He knew they followed the nature of their father the devil.
But what is sad is they did not accept his word and sought to kill this man named Jesus with stones. But Jesus passed through the midst of them.
All this is recorded in the bible in detail by John, the gospel of John chapter8.

So as to finish what had become of the chess championship story in school. I went on to win the match remembering my plea to God for his help.

You can as well. God wants you so much to trust him. He wants you to be free.
And the only way to be free is through His Son Jesus, who he sent to be the savior of the world.
Jesus can and will save you if you let him.
Do you know why?
Because he died on the cross and was buried but the good news is he has risen from the dead to give you that opportunity to call on him as having died to have cleanse you of your sins by his blood.

That's why. 
Call on Jesus
The promise from God Himself.
Special just for YOU

TODAY you can be Born-Again

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  1. Anonymous1/3/16

    Isn't it neat how the Lord gives us life lessons even BEFORE we knew He was personal, that He is Savior, that He is worthy of our eternal trust? Thank you for sharing today!




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