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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Someone Is Watching You?

Yes right now you are being watched. You’re being watched by the best. He is recording everything your doing even as I speak to you right now. He is making sure of everything. The only thing is he is also recording every time you have broken one of his commandments in your heart. You see he is Holy God and he is recording your whole life. Would you admit that you have broken Gods laws? For example have you hated someone in your heart without reason? In Gods word it says its the same as if you have committed murder. Have you lied? Have you stolen?

What will you say to him when you pass from this world into the next and your standing before him in his Judgment of you? You may say “I was good” but God’s holy law has been broken by even your own admission of your conscious and his wrath will come upon you out of his righteousness. What is the condition of your heart? Are you ready to meet God right now?

But I also share with you the greatest news that you can respond to. Because of Gods righteousness and his justice he sent his son Jesus to save you from the Day of Judgment. Jesus died on the cross for the fact of those laws that you have broken in your heart that you know has offended God. The only way that this can be applied to your life to miss out from the wrath of Holy God because of his laws you have offended is repent, turn from your self towards his mercy and call upon his son Jesus for his grace to save you. He is alive waiting for you to call on him. You see Jesus lived the only life to have not broken any of the commandments. And only by Jesus can you be saved. Will you call on Jesus today?

“I made the decision to accept Gods plan of salvation will you?”

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  1. Anonymous9/8/09

    This is written very well, Pilgrim.

    The problem is that most people seem to be trying to run from their conscience because they want to do what they want to do regardless of the eternal consequences. Too many people are totally focused on the moment instead of the future. People tend to have the attitude that they are just "hoping for the best" and that if they can give a good emotional story to God that He will just overlook everything they are doing but the bible says nothing like that. One day so very soon, many people are going to wish that they had listened to God speaking to them about changing their sinful lifestyles.




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