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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Beneath The Surface

Most have never experience God’s love. Sure they been told that God loves them and that’s just about how far it went. They sit in church week after week without ever experiencing the love of God’s love for themselves. 

They never came to know God’s holiness. No one ever shared with them God’s holiness, on how it can be applied to their lives.

Without knowing the holiness of God you will never experience the love of God’s power, never.
But God is more than willing for you to experience his love through the power of his holiness. In fact it is in his will for everyone to come to experience his love and peace that passes all understanding.

But because of God being holy and just no sin can enter heaven.

And because of our sins on us we cannot partake of his holiness.

But God being righteous and good made a way for us experience his holiness.

God being good knowing our problem made it so we could experience his holiness in having our sins removed and to allow us to know of his peace he had made a way for us to enter into heaven.

He sent his Son Jesus to die for our sins, to remove them all, our penalty of being separated from him.

Jesus was sent from heaven to be born on earth to grow up to live a perfect life and then to die on the cross. To remove our sins in giving his life which was perfect in place of our life which was not perfect, to clean our sins from us.
Then He came back to life three days later in hope you and I would place our hope our faith in him as having done so. 
You are now taking responsibility for your sin knowing that it cost the life of God’s Son Jesus in his love for you.
How can we know God’s holiness?

By calling on the Lord Jesus who arose from the dead alive as having died on your behalf.
Which would be you experiencing the power of God unto your salvation.
You would experience God’s love. John 3:3

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