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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Skull and Bones

They appear on many things like for instance on bottles to show that they are poisonous and dangerous. They appeared on old pirate ships flags that sailed the seas to show that they were bad and one was to stay away from them or death may come to you and yours.

They used to be placed at the entrance of the graveyards as warning to signify that it was a dead place. They can also be found, the skull and bones, within the coffins of everyone who has ever died who are no longer with us who are now to stand before God.

But there is one Skull that many people don't know about.

A place where shame and death came to one millions would write about.
A place where God had His Son put to death on our behalf, in order to declare us not guilty if we respond to His message of this saving truth. 
That place, where Gods Son was crucified, shedding His blood on the worlds behalf, is called,
'The place of a skull'.

You can even look it up in the bible its in Mark 15:22.
It is referred to as Golgotha. Its a place of a small hill that looks like a skull as shown in the picture.

Do you feel like your drowning with no hope and no purpose.
Do you feel poisoned because of what life is throwing your way.
Are you at the point of dying.
Well you can come to the place of the skull at the foot of the cross where Jesus was put to death for you and cry out to Him.

Do you know why this is possible?

Because after Jesus died he was buried and three days later he arose from the dead ready to give you life because he had died in your place for you.
He can take your hurt your pain and heal you with His power to this simple truth.
The truth that you can now have a relationship with God if you respond to it.


By calling, knowing your need, on Jesus as your Lord and savior.

This is Gods hope for you in fact He states it as His gift for you.

You need not die and be buried without hope without love.

The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.                

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