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Sunday, November 8, 2020




True or false, God turned his back on his Son Jesus at the cross.

What is ……..?


Why is it true.

To explain.

Never go by anything man says. Never go by anything I say. Never go by what you think.

Always go by the word of God.

Stop me now if I’m wrong.

Jesus being the authority from the cross said,

“My God my God why hast thou forsaken me.”

One would have to admit to forsake another is a lot more gruesome than just saying one turned their back.
So yes God himself forsook Jesus at the cross because the word of God states it so.
Next question.

Why did God turn his back?

Because God is holy and could not look upon our sin that was placed on his son.

The sin of the world was ordained by God for your and my behalf to be placed on his Son to take the penalty of our offense. So he could declare you not guilty if you would trust Jesus who arose from the dead.

This makes God the author of our salvation. We don’t do anything but to believe, accept his son’s payment for our sin as his gift for us.
God’s Sons death takes care of his justice in being righteous to make us righteous by his blood.

God’s wisdom made all of it possible for us.

God’s love for us is what we all believe.

God’s power of his risen Son makes it to for us to live daily.



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