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Monday, October 26, 2009


We all know some of the famous ships in history the Lusitania, The Andrea Doria and of course the Titanic. The Slogan for the Titanic was “The ship that God could not sink.” Well The Titanic did sink. Man made this ship from his own hands in order to cross the oceans. It was the best in its day. But like all ships it had its end. And like these ships some of us travel in life with our own understanding, without God’s, in which one day we will come to the end of our life passing through the waters of death then facing God with our sins, our appointed time with him. It does not have to be that way? Let me explain.

There was a ship God almighty would not sink? Because of the love he had for Noah being a righteous man! God told Noah to make a ship, known as the ark. God’s purpose was to save Noah and his family just like it is his purpose to save you? Yes but you may ask there is no ship now that can save you? You may say that the boat that you’re in is shipwrecked on the rocks of life with no hope. But you’re wrong? The God of heaven has provided himself being Jesus his son to save you? Yes right now you have the opportunity to enter into the Lords ship of who Jesus is? The lamb of God. He died for all the lost hope and broken dreams because of sin in the sea of your life.

Yes His name is Jesus, who died on the cross for the penalty for your sins once and for all, paying your debt in full. By calling him to be your Lord you are acknowledging to God that Jesus is his plan for saving you. It’s the gift of God. In life you cannot ignore your sins as if they will be deleted when you face God on Judgment day, because the soul that sinneth it shall die. You need a sin bearer. Jesus is ready for you to call out to him as Lord so He can become your sin bearer. If you are thirsty for the truth that only Jesus can meet! Call on God today! So that the truth you respond to can bring you hope through the power of God.

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